Hide and Shriek

A long long time ago, I when I was much younger and actively involved in the blogosphere, I published this story as one of my first few blog posts. Looking back, I’ve always felt drawn to writing, and sharing my writings with the world. Of course, in hindsight, no matter how good I am with literature, there will always be someone better than me. The following short story may not be very impressive, but bear in mind that this was written by a 15/16-year-old me at a time when I was wrestling with the awkward changes of puberty. Enjoy!

The night was cold and dark. Jack was waiting for Ron outside the gloomy forest, by a tree.

The unnerving silence loomed over the chilling black night. He couldn’t even see his fingers. His only source of light was his torch. Without it, he might have never found his way here. While pondering on what to do next, Jack felt a firm grip on his shoulder. His heart almost stopped. He let out a piercing scream.

“Stop it! It’s just me, Ron!” Ron shouted. “Calm down!”

Jack was comforted to see Ron.

“Ron! Why didn’t you make any sound? You gave me quite a scare!” Jack gasped, catching his breath.

“Oh really? Are you scared? Ha!” Ron laughed. “You’re the one who said you wanted to come!” Ron reminded Jack.

“So?” Jack retorted hastily and changed the subject. “Where are the others?” He asked.

“They didn’t want to come. Joe said that he was too scared.” Ron made a face. “How could we play with only two people?” He added.

“I don’t see why not! Let’s start now.” Jack said. “I’ll hide and you shall find…” Jack concluded.

“Yes. Let’s go.” Ron’s eye gleamed with mischief.

Within minutes, both of them were separated in the forest. Jack was dragging his feet on the sandy path. He was very tired. The sound of his dragging feet filled the surroundings lazily. The light from his torch could only cut through a few centimeters ahead of him. Suddenly he heard a sound. He stopped. The sound stopped. The air abruptly felt cold and damp. It felt like a draft of air landed on him from out of nowhere. Shivering, he trudged on, this time taking care to make no noise. That was when the torch went flat. The timing couldn’t have been any worse. The darkness swept over, swallowing him whole, offering no respite. That’s when he distinctively heard it. A shriek that shook him to the core. Except this time, a horrible acrid smell accompanied it.

“Help! Arghhh!” Jack screeched and began to stumble away. He knew that it was getting nearer, with every step he takes…

Ron wasn’t trying very hard to find Jack when he swore he heard Jack crying for help. It was a terrifying cry, causing Ron’s heart to skip a beat. He rushed in the direction where the scream came from, just in time to see Jack midair, hurtling into the shadows. The strong putrid air was unbearable. Ron took a step back and lost his balance. The torch on his hand fell on the uneven floor and rolled away. Ron fell on the rocky earth and waited with bated breath. The night was dead and silent. Then, the stench intensified. And he heard a sound, a low, dull growl, as if it was mourning, grieving.

Then he saw it… and it just stared with its red and glowering eyes.

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